Tall Spruce Dales


    Our farm selectively breeds the finest British Dales Ponies for use as all around family horses.  Our horses have the finest facilities, care, and are handled extensively from birth. All of our foals are tested and FIS clear.   We only sell to approved homes, and will take all of our foals back should any owner fall on hardship.  We never want one of our ponies to ever end up at auction.

    The Dales Breed is extremely kind, friendly, and loyal to their human families.  They were family farm ponies in England for generations, plowing fields, pulling carriages, and transporting their owners across the Moors of England.  During World War II, they were nearly wiped out when they were enlisted to pull artillery.   They are intelligent,  sensible, and loyal, extremely strong for their size, and have no problem carrying children or adults.  Average size is 14 to 14.2 hands, although some are larger.  They are hardy, easy keepers, and have feet of iron and do not need shoes in most cases.   Beautiful movers at the trot, they are terrific dressage and driving ponies.   They are excellent hunter pace and cross country horses, able to cross long distances before tiring, and are extremely sure footed.   They most enjoy being in the outdoors with just a simple shelter, and have no problems navigating the cold and snow.  Because of their dark color, appropriate shade in summer is needed.  They are known as the “Great All Rounder” because they are versatile and adaptable.

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Breeders of Fine British Dales Ponies

in Southern New Jersey